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I Love myself and so . . .

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Contribute to the expansion of Love in our world by first expanding your Love of self


Tracey Lee, Self-Love Master Coach and creator of The Self-Love Movement, is a wise and articulate mystic and teacher. Tracey Lee's genuine, loving, direct, no-holds-barred style facilitates a tidal wave of Love. She powerfully guides her clients to shift out of darkness and illusion into the light of their phenomenal true self. Tracey Lee is an empathic change agent for those who are truly ready for their lives to be different. 



Personal Guidance

The ultimate goal of my coaching is the practical application of healthy Self-Love. Using Pearls of Wisdom I have gathered along my path, and Divine guidance, I deliver simple wisdom in a no-nonsense style, facilitating an immediate impact for success. I Lovingly guide my clients to shift out of darkness and illusion into the light of their phenomenal true self. If you are truly ready for your life to be different, happier, more peaceful, more joyful, and more loving, let’s talk about how I might be the empathic change agent to facilitate that change, hand in hand, with you. 

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Self-Love MasterClasses meets twice a week via Zoom from the comfort of wherever the heck you be being. You will experience the healing power and mysticism of a sacred tribe. We are all biologically designed to be a part of a group. Most of us are deeply yearning for a tribe. Being both witness and witnessed is the essence of group work. Experience this tidal wave of Love energy. Shift darkness into pure Love supported by the comfort of a Loving group container.

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The Self-Love Movement with Tracey Lee

The Self-Love Movement is a community designed to inspire the experience of ever expanding Self-Love. It is where we connect, share, learn, grow and be in Love. As a Life Coach and teacher of Self-Love, I see our world clearly experiencing a profound epidemic of a lack of Love, specifically self-Love. We simply cannot Love our neighbor as ourself if we do not first Love ourselves. This is blatantly clear to me. And so we begin - the conversation, the community, the experience of Love together. Thank you for being a part of the expansion of Love.

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A bit about tracey lee

The loving choice for me
is the loving choice for everyone,
even if it is not popular.

~ Tracey Lee