I Love Myself and so…


Personal Guidance ❤ Masterclasses ❤ BoardRoom Meditation ❤ The Wish

The way we get good at anything is the way we get good at everything...practice, practice, practice.
— Tracey Lee

Personal Self-Love Guidance

One by one we discover the thoughts, beliefs, patterns and structures my clients hold that are not Loving. One by one we rewrite them, transforming each one into far more Loving thoughts, beliefs, patterns & structures. Then my clients practice, practice, practice, until each new Loving thoughts, beliefs, patterns & structures is hardwired into place.

One of the most powerful aspects of my coaching practice is that I am available to my one-on-one clients as needed. We take the deep dive in a safe, nurturing, unconditional container we co-create. There is no time limit, no clock, and no hours to keep track of. I am simply in your life as needed. This accessibility is the container in which my clients truly flourish. You will expand far more quickly than they would if we met only 50 minutes weekly. Yes, we schedule a weekly meeting that generally runs 60-90 minutes depending on the clients need that day. And then you reach out as needed, as much and as often as needed. Truly, really powerful good stuff.

I work with a small number of individuals, 
couples, and families all over the world. Our work together is extremely personalized and highly effective. We meet face-to-face, in person when possible, or via Zoom. When stuff comes up and emotions get high is the best opportunity to shine light on old beliefs and transform them in to more Loving beliefs. 

One-on-one clients automatically become a part of The Self-Love Coaching Group, and also enjoy access to any pop-up workshops I have without incurring additional cost during their 7 or 13 month agreement.

Together we build a relationship that facilitates a more peaceful, joy-filled life. The ultimate goal of our work together is the practical application of healthy Self-Love. Using pearls of wisdom I have gathered along my path, I deliver simple wisdom in a no-nonsense style, facilitating an almost immediate impact in your life.

7 month one-on-one coaching - $5,555
13 month one-on-one coaching - $8,989

Couple’s coaching pricing by request


The Self-Love

Self-Love Masterclasses meets twice a week, via Zoom from the comfort of wherever the heck you be being. You will experience the healing power and mysticism of a sacred tribe. We are all biologically designed to be a part of a group. Most of us are deeply yearning for a tribe. Being both witness and witnessed is the essence of group work. Experience this tidal wave of Love energy. Shift darkness into pure Love supported by the comfort of a Loving group container.

We meet on Tuesdays & Saturdays for one and a half to two hours via Zoom. Join the group from the comfort of your own home anywhere around the world.

$150 monthly


The Boardroom

Through this guided interactive meditation, I teach clients how to connect with and begin to reparent the wounded child within. This powerful process is done one on one in person or via Zoom. Clients are equipped with the tools they need to conduct BoardRoom Meetings on their own. When practiced daily, the BoardMeeting can unlock profound healing exponentially faster that most other modalities. This Soul Reclamation is a very sacred, ancient healing practice. In fact, it may be one of the oldest known healing modality on the planet.

$1,000 Guided Meditation 90 minute session + three 60 minute follow up sessions


The Wish Game

1 hour Wish Game Coaching Session $150
Group Wish Game $44 per person

The Wish® is the transformational 'energy’ game created by my mentor, teacher and friend, Louise Laffey. It's helping thousands of people around the world to manifest their greatest wishes for financial freedom, true love, their dream job, life purpose, health and wellbeing, peace and happiness.

The secret to The Wish’s success is the game’s unique ability to help you identify and clear the blocks standing in the way of your wishes and to shift you into the positive energy flow of thoughts and feelings aligned with your wish coming true. In essence, players learn how to turn their wish 'ideas' into real life experiences. 

Players will experience physical sensations of energy ‘shifting’ or ‘letting go’ within the body as they become more aware of their 'blockages' and ‘decide’ to release the old energy. These emotional feelings last for only a few seconds as they are released from the cellular memory. Players will commonly experience feeling ‘lighter and freer’ and more confident and focused. 

Most importantly after playing The Wish, players comment on feeling happier in themselves, and more empowered to create the life they have always wished for!